How to maintain men's health
TOP most popular diseases in men
The most common male disease is prostatitis. At each age, it manifests itself in different ways. At a younger age, guys are more likely to encounter bacterial and infectious prostatitis. The category of men over 40 years old-with non-bacterial prostatitis, we sometimes call it cognitive or stagnant.
Recently, the problem of "thrush" has become relevant. Many believe that this problem is exclusively female, but in fact, the infection is also common among men. And if you could cure yourself with just one capsule or cream, which is advertised on TV - it would be nice. However, getting rid of it is not easy. It often occurs due to improper nutrition. Based on my practice, I can say that for the last 10-15 years, people have been consuming a lot of carbohydrates and leading a sedentary lifestyle. This leads not only to excess body weight, but also disrupts the work of the intestines, which subsequently affects the defeat of the mucous membranes and skin. Sometimes we solve this problem with a dietitian-gastroenterologist, as the disease can return even if it is properly treated. At the same time, with age, concomitant diseases often join, such as diabetes mellitus - an increased concentration of glucose in the blood and in the tissues provokes inflammatory processes on the skin and mucous membranes.
Recently, the problem of "thrush" has become relevant. Many believe that this problem is exclusively female, but in fact, the infection is also common among men.
If "thrush" is not treated, it can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, at the first symptoms: itching, redness, specific plaque, it is better to consult a specialist. Often people self-medicate and come when the extreme moment has already come - the formation of phimosis, when the foreskin forms scars and does not even open. This advanced stage leads to surgical intervention.
Often men turn to a urologist and with sexual disorders. In the first place - erectile dysfunction, a problem with male potency. On the second - accelerated or premature ejaculation.
Can problems with potency go away by themselves?
If this problem occurred once and did not return for a year, then it can be written off as an accident. But if it appears repeatedly and at different stages, then this should not remain without the attention of the doctor. Men of any age should be attentive.
Many 70-year-olds think that he has already lived and enough is enough. I will tell you that there is no concept of "restriction of sexual activity of men". The World Health Organization says that the more sexually active a man is in any age group, the better his psychoemotional state, working capacity and relationship with his spouse.
How to maintain potency until old age?
Unfortunately, medicine does not play a major role here: 20% - genetics, 20% - ecology, 50% - lifestyle and only 10% - medicine. To maintain youth, you need to maintain high physical activity. This is also a prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and also helps to produce testosterone naturally.
On the Internet, many miracle pills are now being sold that supposedly increase testosterone levels. So there is no such magic pill. There is only hormone replacement therapy and a proper balanced diet. Plus, a man should lead an active sexual life. The absence of sexual contact can lead to prostatitis of a stagnant nature. If you give the average data, then for men of 30-40 years it should be 2-3 times a week.
Long interruptions of sexual contacts - this is 3-4 weeks or more-also have a negative impact on health.